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Did you have a portrait done when your kids were young, but “suddenly” now they're teenagers? Possibly you've talked about a family portrait for years, but time has simply flown by... Today’s lifestyle means the family is so busy, getting together for a family portrait is the least of priorities. If it seems like no matter how much you’ve wanted a family portrait, it's difficult to find the time it takes to have one done. Too often, families are left regretting they never made time to preserve an image of their unity and togetherness, including those family members or beloved pets who’ve passed on, I know first hand after losing my father when he was only 47 years old.


Taking the time to do a family portrait is a challenge, but it’s one thatis well worth the effort it takes to preserve an image of your family you’ll treasure for a lifetime. At Element One we are open on Saturdays to make it that much easier. How great would it feel to get those family pictures scheduled today? A family portrait provides you with a piece of personal family art. The first time anyone views your family’s portrait, they’ll ask if it’s a photograph or a painting. Our photography studio here in Downtown Littleton is known for our equisite lighting a color, it will truly be a piece of art for your family to treasure for years to come. Being in Colorado provides breathtaking backgrouns all aroud the front range. We also take photographs at the beautiful Hudson Gardens and Event Center.


Art quality portraits on canvas is spectacular for family portraits, and it’s something every family deserves. A family portrait will capture a moment in time and preserve an image of your family as you are today. You can look forward to enjoying a portrait that never ages. Imagine enjoying a beautiful image of your family for years to come. Every day that you see your portrait, you’ll see your children's smiles and smile too.  A combination of candid photography and top of the line lighting creates a classic, timeless look and a portrait that never ages. A family portrait is something you’ll enjoy for a lifetime, and history well worth recording.


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